Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to be part of a professional panel alongside the great indie director Jeff Liberman the fantastic BAFTA nominated screenwriter David Pirie the inspirational VP of development and production at Imagenation Abu Dhabi Daniela Tully who is currently working alongside Dario Argento on his next feature "The Sandman" and the other half of my collaborative team my brother Samuel Clemens.


The night was hosted by Gillian Youngs & Xavier Mendik and was all about film funding taking in how films films used to be funded up to how they are being funded now. It was a very informative evening and I was very pleased that me and Sam had plenty of questions thrown our way as the new generation of film makers and the audience responded extremely well to our advice and experiences.

I was also informed that next year they want to do a special event based all around my father Brian Clemens where we will also be invited down again to talk alongside him which i'm very much looking forward to.



Samuel Clemens, Jeff Liberman, David Pirie, George Clemens, Xavier Mendik


I have just finished editing another four short films for "The Drama Centre London" the screening was yesterday and I have to say all films were very well recieved. Congratulations to all involved!

Having finished these four projects I am now currently available to hire so if you have any editing requirements please feel free to drop me an email and i'll help you bring your project to life.


Just a bit of fun I have just finished my ALS ice bucket challenge which I thought i'd add a bit of editing flair to thanks for the nomination Rory and Lewis and don't forget to donate. I hope you enjoy the results.



Quick update i've just discovered a video I edited for On Broadcast which initially started as a promotional video for the clients website ended up going global across many different online platforms which is very exciting news i'm so happy everyone enjoyed my edit as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Check out the video below:



Well its been a busy couple of months and I am very excited to say we have finally finished our new short film "Dress Rehearsal" that I directed & Edited. We had our cast and crew screening at the Olympic Cinema in Barnes and it went down very well with lots of the audience being brought to tears. Keep your eyes open for it in the future as we are starting our festival run with it. First stop the BFI London Film Festival. Check out the website for all the latest news on this films progress

I have also just finished Amrit Maghera's new music video "Turn It Up" which has now been passed on for a grade and is already looking fantastic so I can't wait to see the final results.



Finally I am now in the final stages of finishing off a new short film for Wolf Scriptures called "Turtle Eggs" which is being used as a promotional tool to secure funding for a larger feature. I'm looking forward to having the finished product done soon so that we can start putting it out there and hopefully secure the funding required to make the feature length version happen.