Quick update i've just discovered a video I edited for On Broadcast which initially started as a promotional video for the clients website ended up going global across many different online platforms which is very exciting news i'm so happy everyone enjoyed my edit as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Check out the video below:



Well its been a busy couple of months and I am very excited to say we have finally finished our new short film "Dress Rehearsal" that I directed & Edited. We had our cast and crew screening at the Olympic Cinema in Barnes and it went down very well with lots of the audience being brought to tears. Keep your eyes open for it in the future as we are starting our festival run with it. First stop the BFI London Film Festival. Check out the website for all the latest news on this films progress

I have also just finished Amrit Maghera's new music video "Turn It Up" which has now been passed on for a grade and is already looking fantastic so I can't wait to see the final results.



Finally I am now in the final stages of finishing off a new short film for Wolf Scriptures called "Turtle Eggs" which is being used as a promotional tool to secure funding for a larger feature. I'm looking forward to having the finished product done soon so that we can start putting it out there and hopefully secure the funding required to make the feature length version happen.



Well it certainly has been an exciting few months recently with lots going on. I have had several Showreel re-edits and i'd like to welcome the wonderful and very talented Amrit Maghera onto my books as a new client.

Please take a moment to visit her website and while your at it check out the new Commercial/Modelling showreel I put together for her recently. 

I am also happy to announce the addition of another new client which is "The Royal Society of Arts" with whom I will be helping to edit and piece together shortened versions of their lectures. Be sure to check out their youtube channel for all the latest lectures as there are some very interesting speakers and subjects being talked about and added bonus you may come across one of my edits.


Finally i am very excited to announce I am working on two new short films with the aim of both being turned into feature films. The first short film is called "Turtle Eggs" and is a new British gangster trainspottingesque film following how a man is sent spiriling out of control because of being involved in the drugs world. This is the first time Erroll Thomas has directed a film and if all goes well hopefully he'll be directing the feature version which I would also be the editor on.

The second short film is called "Dress Rehearsal" and me and my brother Samuel Clemens have co-directed this wonderful and fun short. "Dress Rehearsal" is a story about lost love and missed opportunities. An operatic troupe is performing at a local fringe venue, where relationships between the fellow performers are rife with competition and jealousy. A homeless man is struggling to survive on the harsh London streets. Both worlds end up colliding revealing love, pain and redemption.

I must say filming "Dress Rehearsal" have been some of the best days of my life we are extremely lucky to have built a wonderful team of people to help us put this together and the footage is looking wonderful thanks to our very talented DOP Fernando Ruiz. I would also like to thank our Steadicam Operator Rupert Peddle who was essential to getting this film made, every film set needs a Rupert. Finally I must thank Barney Powell who as 1st AD managed not only to keep the film moving forward but also kept the film shoot fun.


I am now going through all the RED Epic footage and beginning the editing process. I'm very excited to piece this film together as it provides me with an entirely new challenge editing together musical elements which I have never done before. I will keep you updated as to the progress of this short and wish me luck with the edit.


George Clemens            Samuel Clemens Fernando Ruiz



Lots has been going on recently, I am working on a new feature film concept called "The New West" details of which can be found here.

Our horror film "The Still" is now officially in pre production and will be filming next year details of cast and crew along with the trailer and poster can be found on our imdb page here.

I have also finished editing a couple more showreels for Simon Haycock who is a very talented and upcoming actor and Piere Mascolo who is known for "Kidulthood" & "Adulthood" and has recently just finished action alongside Gabriel Byrne in "All Things To All Men" if you'd like to see their work please visit my showreel page.



PIERRE MASCOLO                                        SIMON HAYCOCK


Finally i'm happy to say I am currently working alongside Hammer Films on a new featurette for the Blu Ray release of "Captain Kronos" so make sure to pick up a copy when it is released as there will be lots of new never before seen content.



Thats it for now check back for more updates and if you require my editing services be sure to get in touch and i'll be happy to help.


The Still Trailer

Hi am pleased to announce the trailer for our new horror "The Still" is now live and available to view click the poster below to see it and please let me know your thoughts.